Chippewa Valley Urban Wood Project

About the Chippewa Valley Urban Wood Project

The Chippewa Valley Urban Wood Project began in 2014 as part of a collation of Leadership Eau Claire, the Wisconsin DNR and the city of Eau Claire’s efforts to encourage more recycling of dead urban trees, especially those we are anticipating being killed by the emerald ash borer. Many local businesses have joined together through this project to provide the widest selection of high-quality, sustainable wood products available in Western Wisconsin.

Our Urban Wood partners are small, family-owned businesses that have found ways to recover good logs from landscape tree removals and turn them into lumber and flooring. Most people see only waste and loss when trees are removed from our communities. Our project’s members and supporters know better: these trees can live on as remarkable green products that conserve resources and support local jobs.

Support the Urban wood Project

  • Select Chippewa Valley Urban Wood Products for your next woodworking or home improvement project.
  • Choose a member of the Chippewa Valley Urban Wood when you need an arborist or sawmill.
  • Talk to your community’s leaders to see what they do with wood from tree removals in your city. Have they considered a wood use plan?
  • Plant a tree and keep our communities green.
  • Tell your friends about us!
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